ZARA Shirt

This is my new shirt from Zara, I love the drawings, I really love skulls! The only thing that I didn’t love is the fact that the shirt is white, I’m more of a black outfit, but this shirt looks better in white. Do you like it?



PULL&BEAR Sunglasses

I finally found a really cool sunglasses, I was looking for some sunglasses like this for a while (at a affordable price), I’m really happy that Pull&Bear had some really cool sunglasses at a very good price. What do you guys think?



This is my new Cheap Monday T-Shirt that I bought on ASOS. I hate mondays but I love skulls!


My New Bershka Shirt

This is my new flower shirt from Bershka, usually I’m a black shirt kind of guy, but I really liked this shirt, It’s a good style for the summer and really fresh and comfortable.



I went to Primark and I found this absolutely awesome sneakers and I had to buy them. I love The Simpsons, one of the best shows ever, and fat Homer is hilarious, so when I saw this sneakers I loved them, they are so cute and funny!

Primark always has this different and cool items at a very cheap price. Check them out:






It’s so fluffly!!!

This is so AWESOME!!!

It’s hilarious, I need this right now!


Go to TeeChip site and check out this limited edition item.

Pietro Ferrante

Pietro Ferrante is an autograph brand of a man and his exuberant and dynamic philosophy of life: he has founded a solid company based on passion for creating exclusive jewelry lines. In over 30 years worldwide experience, his name has always meant Italian luxury design and of course, the excellence of handmade in Italy.

This store has amazing street style jewellery, I love jewellery mainly rings, I absolutely love rings. This store has such cool rings, I’m obsessed, they are to expensive for my wallet but perfect for my eyes.

Check out some cool items:



This is absolutly beautiful and really expensive too. A friend of mine send me this crazy gorgeus jacket on Instagram and she was crazy in love [about the jacket not the price]. I went to her site to check it out and I have to say that their items are absolutely stunning, and their logo is really cool too. So if you like it and you have money to spend check out their site, and if you want to offer me one, I will not use it but I’m sure that my friend would be very happy.

Crying Unicorn Candle



If you want to offer me this fluffy candle visit Firebox.

“Cry me a rainbow”