I went to Primark and I found this absolutely awesome sneakers and I had to buy them. I love The Simpsons, one of the best shows ever, and fat Homer is hilarious, so when I saw this sneakers I loved them, they are so cute and funny!

Primark always has this different and cool items at a very cheap price. Check them out:







My New PRIMARK Watch


I saw this watch on my last visit to Primark, and I couldn’t resist, it was at a very good price. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on watches because I don’t wear them very much, I use them for having a cool design and not for its utility, as I say, I only use them to decorate my wrist AHAH.

Do you guys like it?

My new Primark Sneakers



Primark is fantastic, there are always different and funny things at very affordable prices. In my opinion, there are certain items that doesn’t worth buying, the price is not that cheap for the quality. It is true that there are certain things that are really quite cheap and there are certain things, such as funky t-shirts, which are not found in other stores much less at these prices.

My favorite things to buy at Primark is children’s clothing, there are always very funny things at very good prices; t-shirts with movie themes, cartoons, TV shows and other funny motifs; footwear, mainly sneakers, I do not care about brands and I can use everything, so long as I really like it the cheaper better, and Primark always has different designs, which is good so I can use different shoes; and acessories.


Do you like my new sneakers?