I want this!


This is so cool, I love it. I want my hair like this, right now! Visit this Instagram and be inspired.



Whipped Cake Co.



Whipped Cake Co, a place where sugar and art meet, a place to celebrate cake.

Each creation you see is made 100% from scratch using high quality ingredients for an extreme flavour sensation. There is no set flavour list as we don’t want you to be restricted. If you have an idea for a flavour we can make it happen, we love a challenge!

Once you have the flavour of your cake it can be made into almost anything. Each creation is designed with you to ensure the final product is customised to your tastes and 100% unique.

This makes me so hungry! Check out their site and follow their Instagram. This is some of their incredible and original work:


Katy Perry Witness Photoshoot

I’m not a Katy Perry fan, and I really don’t like her new era, I’m not going to be a hater and talk bad about her or her new persona, so I’m just gonna say: practice what you preach. But I have to say that I kind of like her new song with Nicki Minaj Swish Swish, it sounds like a song from 10 years ago [I don’t mean it like a bad things], it’s funny and catchy.

But the reason that I’m doing this post is those really cool photos that she had post on her Instagram. I really like it, I love the colors, the makeup, the weirdness, that eye is so creepy but is really cool. In the middle of all that senseless music / politics / contradictory behavior, I think this is pretty cool. Check it out:



Tortik Annushka


Moscow Wedding and celebration cakes are the best, this cakes are the most beautiful thing ever! I swear I don’t want to get married but Instagram is full of all kind of beautiful things, and lately I have found the most awesome wedding related pages. I don’t know if the cakes taste good, but I really don’t care, they are stunning, the most beautiful cakes I ever seen. I want a cake like this for my birthday!

Check out their site and their Instagram.

The Golden Letter


I’m in love! This wedding stationery & calligraphy studio is amazing, I love their work, their style is absolutely stunning, I adore everyhting they do. I would love to work in a place like this someday, creating this type of beautiful art.

Check out their site.

We are a London based luxury stationery design studio – specialising in personalised calligraphy and beautiful tactile stationery.

Our customisable invitations are individually hand drawn, hand finished and personalised for you. We have a range of analogue and digital printing methods and these come together to result in invitations as individual as those that create them – a bespoke invitation without the bespoke price.


This is absolutly beautiful and really expensive too. A friend of mine send me this crazy gorgeus jacket on Instagram and she was crazy in love [about the jacket not the price]. I went to her site to check it out and I have to say that their items are absolutely stunning, and their logo is really cool too. So if you like it and you have money to spend check out their site, and if you want to offer me one, I will not use it but I’m sure that my friend would be very happy.


I was on Instagram and I found this, out of this world, bathroom, if I had this I would stay all day taking a bath!


Once I was already feeling poor I decided to torture myself a little bit more and watch some amazing millionaire lifestyles in this tormenting and gorgeous Instagram, and here are some of the most amazing things ever, that proves that money can buy you some happiness and that I am poor as hell:

Unisex Bow Ties

I found this amazing Instagram page that has really cool and different bow ties, I wish I could buy them all, they are so beautiful. Although is not my daily style, I love the elegance of a beautiful suit with a cool bow tie or just a tie, when I am older and my own boss, I will always walk like this with a very elegant style.

Follow the Instagram page and Facebook to see more cool ideias.


I follow this page on Instagram that always has totally different hairstyles and hair colors, and they are totally awesome. His latest work was this innovative and modern hair coloring that left me completely in love. I know this is completely out of the box and draws a lot of attention, but I love seeing this hair colors, if it is well done.


At this moment my hair is with his natural color, after having already gone through various colors, but I have an increasing desire to go back to doing something crazy with my hair, I have to find a place that can get me something of this kind with good quality. The only problem is that bleaching really damages the hair, and to apply colors of these sort it is necessary to bleach a lot.

Anyway, what you guys think about this hair colors?