I want this!


This is so cool, I love it. I want my hair like this, right now! Visit this Instagram and be inspired.




I follow this page on Instagram that always has totally different hairstyles and hair colors, and they are totally awesome. His latest work was this innovative and modern hair coloring that left me completely in love. I know this is completely out of the box and draws a lot of attention, but I love seeing this hair colors, if it is well done.


At this moment my hair is with his natural color, after having already gone through various colors, but I have an increasing desire to go back to doing something crazy with my hair, I have to find a place that can get me something of this kind with good quality. The only problem is that bleaching really damages the hair, and to apply colors of these sort it is necessary to bleach a lot.

Anyway, what you guys think about this hair colors?

My Dream Hair-Color



I found this hair color on Instagram and I’m completly in love. The Hairstylist is Alireza Mousavi, you can visit his Instagram to see his amazing hairstyles to men and women.

If there was a hairdresser in my town who could do that, I would do it, I was completely hypnotized. I already had dyed my hair in blue, turquoise and green, but not like this, not this good or so creative.

I was thinking of dyeing my hair silver/grey, but after seeing this I’m having second thoughts. Any thoughts?