Whipped Cake Co.



Whipped Cake Co, a place where sugar and art meet, a place to celebrate cake.

Each creation you see is made 100% from scratch using high quality ingredients for an extreme flavour sensation. There is no set flavour list as we don’t want you to be restricted. If you have an idea for a flavour we can make it happen, we love a challenge!

Once you have the flavour of your cake it can be made into almost anything. Each creation is designed with you to ensure the final product is customised to your tastes and 100% unique.

This makes me so hungry! Check out their site and follow their Instagram. This is some of their incredible and original work:



Tortik Annushka


Moscow Wedding and celebration cakes are the best, this cakes are the most beautiful thing ever! I swear I don’t want to get married but Instagram is full of all kind of beautiful things, and lately I have found the most awesome wedding related pages. I don’t know if the cakes taste good, but I really don’t care, they are stunning, the most beautiful cakes I ever seen. I want a cake like this for my birthday!

Check out their site and their Instagram.

FREY’S Classic Branches



My mother always brings me this chocolate when she comes from Switzerland, she knows I love it, I love almost all chocolates.

Frey‘s chocolate are so good, this bars are everything!



Little Damage is a family-owned company specializing in homemade soft-serve ice cream. We invest in premium ingredients to craft our savory treats that will have you coming back for more. Lactose-intolerant and vegan friends rejoice- we want everyone to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor, so we also carry vegan flavors. Served in our made-to-order waffle cones, it’ll be sinfully hard to resist this wicked treat.

I’ve never tried the ice cream, I discovered their Instagram page and I fell in love with the ice cream. I know the taste has nothing to do with the appearance, but they look so good, the colors are so attractive and looks so different from what we usually see in ice cream. I’m in love with the black cones, I’d love to taste them to know what they taste like.

To me it is a fantastic and very well designed business idea, very different from what we usually see, and their website is also very interesting, very simple, effective and with a spectacular design.

If I ever go to Los Angeles I’m going to have to go and try these ice cream.