La Collection Memento Nº2 from KENZO with Britney Spears






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AMA’s 2017

The 45º American Music Awards took place last night [November 19] at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. For what I have seen online, because I haven’t had time to see it yet, it seems like it was a exciting night with a lot going on. So let’s see what has happened on the red carpet.

The outfits that I liked it:


Selena Gomez looks really cool and rock and roll, she is beautiful. But I don’t like to see her blonde.


Demi Lovato look’s amazing, great dress perfect makeup, still the hair… no.


Shawn Mendes look so cool! I want this outfit!


Jenna Dewan-Tatum look’s beautiful. The makeup is gorgeous, the hair is perfect and the dress is beautiful, a litle bit nasty but she can pull it off.


Erin Lim look’s absolutely beautiful, love the dress, the shoes, the hair, makeup, everything.


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Now the outfits that I didn’t liked it:


Why? I just can’t understand, it’s to Gaga 2008. And what are those shoes?

2017 American Music Awards - Arrivals

NO NO NO, nothing about this outfit looks good, ok the hair is not horrible.


Everything is horrible, she is beautiful and looks so bad.



That gold… the long hair, the dark lips, It’s all a NO, doesn’t feel like she like it either.

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Photos from       Just Jared



So now I’m gonna watch the show.

MTV EMA’s 2017


I didn’t watch the EMA’s, but I saw on Instagram some outfits that caught my attention, some positively and others not so much.

Let’s start with the host of the event Rita Ora, I didn’t watch it so I don’t now if she did a good job. Musically I’m not a fan, in terms of fashion I’m not a fan either, I think she tries too much, sometimes it looks good other times not so much. I didn’t see the outfits she wore during the show, but the one on the red carpet it’s a NO! I get it, it’s like “I’m the host so this is me getting ready for the party”, but that chic bathrobe is not working for me, it’s very lazy, there are so many different and amazing options that a bathrobe with a towel around her head it’s just a “please look at me”. She looked like a poor Mariah Carey.



Demi Lovato… I don’t understand, she look’s good but not gorgeous. Her new style looks kind of weird, of course she looks the best she ever did, but in fashion she looked better. I’m ok with the cleavage, but not everytime, baring “some” cleavage is her to-go look now, I feel that everytime I see her on an event she’s wearing a big cleavage, she found out that she have boobs and people like to look at them. The high-waist large pants can look really cool, but once again, she’s wearing them all the time, the hair looked “good” but is so Nicki Minaj, the all package didn’t work for me. The makeup was on point.



Camila Cabello dress was beautiful, but she is so flat… I know I’m mean but it’s just nhe. The face is lost in the beauty of the dress, I blame the genes, and the hair is nhe. By the way, she looked stoned on the photos (I blame genes again).



Natalie Dormer looked awesome, so chic and rock and roll, the dress was really cool, great makeup, she looked gorgeous. I’m not a fan of the hair, but I don’t like the wet hair look.



I want Shawn Mendes suit for me, I love it! Probably I would change the shirt, but it looks great.



Source: Just Jared

ZARA Shirt

This is my new shirt from Zara, I love the drawings, I really love skulls! The only thing that I didn’t love is the fact that the shirt is white, I’m more of a black outfit, but this shirt looks better in white. Do you like it?


PULL&BEAR Sunglasses

I finally found a really cool sunglasses, I was looking for some sunglasses like this for a while (at a affordable price), I’m really happy that Pull&Bear had some really cool sunglasses at a very good price. What do you guys think?



This is my new Cheap Monday T-Shirt that I bought on ASOS. I hate mondays but I love skulls!


RihannaXManolo The SoSTONED Collection

Rihanna looking flawless in her new collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. She is stunning, she always looks stunning!