This is my new Cheap Monday T-Shirt that I bought on ASOS. I hate mondays but I love skulls!



ASOS Bomber Jacket with Tiger Floral Print

I want, NEED this jacket from ASOS. I’m in love!!!

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Dropped-crotch trousers by ASOS

I just got this Washed Camo Drop Crotch Chinos In Khaki from ASOS. The camo print is really in right now, although isn’t my favorite thing in the world I quite liked this pants, I think this pattern goes really well with this design. And once again, I found this item at a very low price, always finding really good items at ASOS.

What do you guys think?

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My new ASOS Watch

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This is my new ASOS Watch with Mesh Strap in Silver With Gold, it’s absolutely beautiful and very cheap. ASOS has great accessories. Do you guys like it?

My new ASOS Sneakers In Stone With Contrast Heel





These are my new ASOS sneakers, I love them because they are really elegant, with a simple design, stone color with a contrast heel panel in white. This type of sneakers in light colors are now in style, although I prefer darker colors I find these adorable. The best thing about the ASOS brand is that is pretty cheap and  returns are free.

What do you guys think of the sneakers?

ASOS Skinny Trousers

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This ASOS Skinny Trousers In Blue Floral Camo Print are everything! When I saw them on their website I was completely in love, I was very tempted to buy them, but I managed to control myself and I didn’t buy them.

To tell the truth they are not quite my style, although I love them, I think I would end up not using them too much. Would be a good choice for something I would use at a wedding or an event like that, but not something I would use on a daily basis. And to be honest I don’t think they would fit me very well with my body type, they look great with elegant men, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with them.

Anyway, they are on my wishlist and on my birthday’s gift list 🙂

Don’t forget, ASOS provides free shipping worldwide.

ASOS Necklace



Do you know the store ASOS? Well, if you don’t you should visit, it has really cool things, the latest news in fashion. Has a big range of prices, from affordable outlet prices to higher prices, from big brands to cheaper brands, and the ASOS brand itself is quite affordable and good quality. The return policy is very efficient, I do not know how it is in all the countries but in Portugal it is free including shipping costs, and in orders over 30€ the delivery is free, you have to read the information about it in your country.

My last purchase on the site was this pack of two necklaces with a white and a black pendant. I was very satisfied with the purchase, the price was quite affordable, the product is accurate with the images on the site and came, as always in the purchases from ASOS, well packaged and protected in a cushioned box that is practical to store accessories.

As always I had a good experience in my ASOS purchase. If you have any questions regarding shopping at ASOS, just say.


This is the link to the necklace.