Say Amen

The new Panic! At The Disco‘s video Say Amen (Saturday Night) is so cool! So many blood and violence, exaggerated action scenes, I love it!


La Collection Memento Nº2 from KENZO with Britney Spears



La Casa de Papel



This shows is really cool, you must see it!

I love that shows from all over the world are becoming global phenomenons, not just american and british shows, or english speaking shows. Just like Dark, a really cool German show, Netflix is doing a really cool job spreading this international productions because they are really good and the world needs to see them.

La Casa de Papel, or Money Heist is a spanish limited series crime thriller really cool, really well written with strong characters and really good actors, with a beautiful soundtrack that makes it even better. I’m not going to spoiler so just see it for yourself.

I’m just gonna let this song here that is stuck in my head after I finish the show: