Taylor is Queen of Shade

I don’t want to be a hater or make a shady post talking bad about stars, but for you to understand I have to explain my opinions about all this craziness.

First of all those feuds [Taylor – Katy, Taylor – Kanye, Taylor – Rest of the world] are completely stupid, idiotic and a huge marketing move for all of the parts, second I’m not playing favourites because I don’t like [I’m being nice] nobody from this feuds, I only feel bad for the one that got betrayed [not naming any DJ names].

When Katy Perry launched her music Swish Swish Bish I loved it, I still do, I do think the lyrics are awesome, and the video is really hilarious, I love it. Of course Taylor was going to give an answer, but the dates of dropping the music and the video was so shady, unnecessary, anyway I did like the song, I wasn’t crazy about it, but it was cool.

So Taylor dropped the video on the VMA’s, that Katy was hosting [SHADY SHADY SHADY], and it was so awesome! The all video is incredible, I absolutly love it, I can’t stop watching, it’s full of references [bad and good] to her “friends”, I’m not talking about that I’m just gonna say that the Grammy reference is pretty obvios, I don’t care what the fans say, It’s a shade on Katy for sure, mean move from Taylor but also true.

In the end, the video made me love the song, for me, is one of the best visual ever. I still feel the same about the feud and the participants, I feel like they accuse eachother of being and doing what they are and do, I don’t now what is true or not but it’s all about marketing and selling records. But all the shade on Taylor is going to make her selling even more records, just my opinion, and in the end I think both Katy and Taylor aren’t real or true it’s all just an act.


Anyway, for me with this video Taylor won this battle, after a really big lost [he made that bitch famous], but the thing about her is that she points and makes fun about all the things people say and don’t like about her, I think that’s a good move, can’t wait to see the new chapters. Watch the video is amazing:


PS: I said that I wasn’t going to be shady, but I was, sorry not sorry [hey Demi].