THE WORST LOOKS [XXII Gala dos Globos de Ouro]

Now the post about of the worst looks, for me, of the XXII Gala dos Globos de Ouro, the portuguese Golden Globes.

lili caneças

Lili Caneças wearing something so ugly that I can’t even describe it, there is nothing good about it, but she never had a good sense of style.

Fábia Rebordão

Fábia Rebordão looks like a strange statue, I don’t like the color, I don’t like the dress and that thing in her head it’s so weird and ugly.

Darko — Fato de Luís Carvalho e sapatos de Eureka Shoes

Darko wearing Luís Carvalho and Eureka Shoes, I can’t really see the shoes so I can’t really say if they are ugly or not, I usually love Eureka Shoes but under that look I don’t now what is hiding. It reminds me of those advertisements for feminine hygiene products in which menstruation was represented by a woman all dressed in red, but in this case it’s a man wearing the ugliest look ever.

sofia cerveira

Sofia Cerveira wearing the ugliest coat / robe ever made, everything about that look is wrong and should never been weared or seen by anyone.

joana solnado

Joana Solnado, WTF is this??? It’s so damn ugly, nothing about it is good, it should be burned. She was stoned, that’s the only way that I can accept that she weared that.


Here are some other ugly looks:




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