THE BEST LOOKS [XXII Gala dos Globos de Ouro]

This Sunday, besides the 2017 Billboards [I will talk about that in another post], were the XXII Gala dos Globos de Ouro, the portuguese Golden Globes. I don’t really care about the show, it’s kind of… bad, the only thing that makes it worth it for me were the presenter João Manzarra and the comedian Luís Franco-Bastos that were hilarious.

Well, let’s talk about the outfits of the night, these were my favourites:

Luciana Abreu — Vestido de Lethicia Bronstein

Luciana Abreu wearing Lethicia Bronstein, I usually don’t really like her style but I have to say that I love this look. It’s kind of Jennifer Lopez, but really suits her and is a gorgeous dress.

Sara Matos em Elie Saab

Sara Matos wearing Elie Saab, this is a good example of a stunning dress worn wrong. First I don’t think that she really can pull it off, second how do you put such ugly shoes and handbag in such a beautiful dress, it could be stunning and she ruined it.

Cláudia Vieira em Stella McCartney

Cláudia Vieira wearing Stella McCartney, this woman is so gorgeous. She always looks stunning, I mean with that body everything suits her well, but she has a really good taste for fashion. The dress is not the most daring thing, but is beautiful and the makeup, accessories, hair, it’s all a perfect combination, my favourite look of the night.

Liliana Santos — Vestido de Carlos Gil e jóias Bvlgari ddd

Liliana Santos wearing Carlos Gil, Bvlgari jewels. I love this dress, I think it’s my favourite of the night, it’s diferent and gorgeous, black it’s always a good choice. I just don’t like the makeup and the hair, it’s so boring, I think that that dress deserved something better.


Here are some other looks that I liked it:




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