I went to Primark and I found this absolutely awesome sneakers and I had to buy them. I love The Simpsons, one of the best shows ever, and fat Homer is hilarious, so when I saw this sneakers I loved them, they are so cute and funny!

Primark always has this different and cool items at a very cheap price. Check them out:







It’s so fluffly!!!

This is so AWESOME!!!

It’s hilarious, I need this right now!


Go to TeeChip site and check out this limited edition item.

Pietro Ferrante

Pietro Ferrante is an autograph brand of a man and his exuberant and dynamic philosophy of life: he has founded a solid company based on passion for creating exclusive jewelry lines. In over 30 years worldwide experience, his name has always meant Italian luxury design and of course, the excellence of handmade in Italy.

This store has amazing street style jewellery, I love jewellery mainly rings, I absolutely love rings. This store has such cool rings, I’m obsessed, they are to expensive for my wallet but perfect for my eyes.

Check out some cool items:


Tortik Annushka


Moscow Wedding and celebration cakes are the best, this cakes are the most beautiful thing ever! I swear I don’t want to get married but Instagram is full of all kind of beautiful things, and lately I have found the most awesome wedding related pages. I don’t know if the cakes taste good, but I really don’t care, they are stunning, the most beautiful cakes I ever seen. I want a cake like this for my birthday!

Check out their site and their Instagram.

The Golden Letter


I’m in love! This wedding stationery & calligraphy studio is amazing, I love their work, their style is absolutely stunning, I adore everyhting they do. I would love to work in a place like this someday, creating this type of beautiful art.

Check out their site.

We are a London based luxury stationery design studio – specialising in personalised calligraphy and beautiful tactile stationery.

Our customisable invitations are individually hand drawn, hand finished and personalised for you. We have a range of analogue and digital printing methods and these come together to result in invitations as individual as those that create them – a bespoke invitation without the bespoke price.

Cannes Film Festival ’17

Once again let’s see some of the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival’s best and worst fashion choices. I don’t why, lately there are more looks that I don’t like that I do like, maybe fashion is getting to crazy or I’m getting more conservative, but some looks are just terrible.

So let’s see some that I liked it:


I like this. not my favorite, a little bit short, but really different. I like the colors, it’s a nice contrast, accessories, makeup, hair, all on point.

diane-kruger-wears-a-sheer-gownDiane is wearing a Jason Wu gown and Chopard jewelry.

Diane Kruger is wearing a Jason Wu gown and Chopard jewelry. I like this, gorgeous dress, you can’t really see anything but it looks a little too transparent, but looks amazing, the hair is kind of boring.

Izabel Goulart – who shimmered in a diamond-covered, backless dress.

Izabel Goulart shimmering in a diamond-covered, backless dress. This is stunning, this dress is spectacular, I love everything about it. She looks stunning, I’m not sure about that shoes, I think they should be more chic, that dress asks for that.


And, my favourite part, the ones that I really didn’t like it:

jessica-chastain-Jessica is wearing a custom Chanel gown and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Jessica Chastain is wearing a custom Chanel gown and Jimmy Choo shoes. Oh Jessica you look like… it looks… it reminds me of an old drapery mixed with a carpet, a christmas towel, a really ugly one, and you look so old, NO NO NO.

eva-green-va is wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Repossi jewelry. She is wearing a Stella McCartney jumpsuit at the photo call.

Eva Green is wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Repossi jewelry. I don’t even know what this is, it looks that she went fishing in her dress in a ocean full of oil, so ugly.


For a model she is not really into fashion, it hurts my eyes.

nicole-kidman-Nicole is wearing a Chanel dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and Harry Winston jewelry

Nicole Kidman is wearing a Chanel dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and Harry Winston jewelry. Well she looks like herself, always bad fashion choices, always looking ugly and like a bird.


I don’t even know what she was trying to do, nothing about it looks good, this outfit needs to burn.


Just Jared


Sade: Smooth Operator

My music for the day, I woke up singing this song, it’s been a while since I have listen to it. A true beautiful classic, a gorgeous voice!


Luís Franco-Bastos

Luís Franco-Bastos is a portuguese actor and comedian. He is a brilliant comedian, really funny, kind of dark, a little over de edge, talking about some controversial topics that make some people nervous, my favourite type o comedy. Also he is a great impressionist, he does very good, realistc impressions, check it out:


So follow is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and go watch his videos on YouTube.


This is absolutly beautiful and really expensive too. A friend of mine send me this crazy gorgeus jacket on Instagram and she was crazy in love [about the jacket not the price]. I went to her site to check it out and I have to say that their items are absolutely stunning, and their logo is really cool too. So if you like it and you have money to spend check out their site, and if you want to offer me one, I will not use it but I’m sure that my friend would be very happy.