My new HUGO BOSS Bottled Intense

HB intense


I love almost the entire Hugo Boss Bottled collection, I have the classic Bottled, the Bottled Night and the Bottled Unlimited. I finished my Bottled Unlimited and since I was traveling, I went to a Tax Free Shop at the airport to buy it, when I saw this fragrance from the Bottled collection that I had never smelled.

I loved it, although it is quite similar to the classic Bottled, has a different aroma that makes it quite attractive. Is an intensified interpretation of the original Boss Bottled from 1998, the result is a fragrance less sweet but more luxurious, intense, but not too much, and unmistakably masculine.

I ended up buying the Bottled Intense, because the price was very attractive, a lot cheaper than the rest of the collection. Although I really like Bottled Intense, my favorite is still Bottled Unlimited, although I think it has a freshener scent, to use more in the summer.


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