Mannequin: Victoria Beckham & James Corden

James Corden did it once again, joined by Victoria Beckham, they did an hilarious skit, a remake of the 80’s film “Mannequin”, with Beckham as the mannequin, of course. That’s a movie that I would like to see.

We are used to seeing Victoria with a more serious and sexy pose, but in this skit she shows us her most fun side with great humor and self-deprecation.

When Victoria Beckham joined James Corden in his famous car [half-Carpool Karaoke], and she sang “Spice Up Your Life”, it was the best throwback ever. Like a true 90’s kid, I was a big fan of the Spice Girls, and watching her sing one of my childhood songs was a lot of fun, and James always makes everything extremely funny.

James Corden is doing a fantastic job hosting The Late Late Show, he is one of my favorite hosts of late-night talk shows.


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