Nico Tortorella covers ALRIGHT DARLING Magazine



Alright Darling is a magazine created by British photographer Greg Bailey, who’s best known by is work with the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Greg decided to turn his successful and really funny Tumblr page into a printed zine in mid 2015, it is a collection of original photoshoots and interviews with some of the LGBT and Drag/Queer scene’s most recognisable faces and emerging talent.

To be honest I did not know the magazine nor the tumblr, but when I saw the first photograph of Nico Tortorella on Instagram I found it quite interesting.

I do not know the content of the interview, because I did not read it, but what I can say is that the photos are incredible. Styled by Milk in Marc Jacobs clothes, photographed by Adam Reyna.

For those who do not know Nico participates in the TV show, Younger, is a fun series that is worth seeing to unwind. I follow him on Instagram because he is always doing different photoshoots and has a rather interesting style.


Amazing, fantastic work!


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