My ‘Sweetter’ Sunglasses


On my trip to Madrid I found a very charming shop, Sweetter, that had several articles of fashion mostly for women, but in the middle of all articles for women there were also sunglasses for men. Needless to say, I was soon delighted. Those who know me know that I love shopping, but sunglasses and rings are the things that I buy the most and I’m more addicted to buying.

But do not think that I am a compulsive buyer or that I spend a lot of money on purchases, it is true that I do a lot of shopping, but I am always looking for the best prices and, as my mother says, I am very tightfisted. Anyway, the sunglasses cost a little more than I am used to spending on sunglasses, but even so they were not expensive [25 €] and are sunglasses with UV protection, most of my sunglasses, although they are madly cool they do not have UV protection.


Go check out their Site, Facebook and Instagram.

What you guys think of the sunglasses?


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