I just got my new VANSthat I bought on a portuguese site, I do not know for what countries this site makes orders, but for Portugal it’s very good. Is a site that every day makes promotions in great brands, exceptional discounts on a wide variety of products. The promotions are not in a long time, each promotion of each brand has a limited date for the purchase, after that it is no longer possible to buy the product. For this reason and because the prices are quite flashy it is necessary to have attention or then the products or the sizes finish quickly.

When I saw that the VANS brand was on sale I was very excited because it is my favorite brand of sneakers, I follow the newsletters every day to see if there are any promotions that interest me. Although there were several sneakers that I liked and wanted to buy, besides not being able to buy all, there was also the problem of size, because the prices were so good there were already few sizes.

Although I could not buy my favorites I was satisfied with the ones I chose, and in the end with shipping costs the final price was only 36.30 €, it was a good deal.


Go visit and VANS.


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