Family Guy: Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow Make A Cute Couple


This is hilarious, this joke made me laugh so hard. Family Guy is very cool, Seth MacFarlane is absolutely fantastic and very talented, his TV Shows are brilliant. My favourite is American Dad, the character Roger is brilliantly created, I love all the characters he incorporates.

I love dark comedy, it’s my favorite kind of comedy and Seth‘s shows are full of dark jokes and he’s always joking about celebrities and other not-so-famous personalities.


Bershka Vintage Rings



These are my new rings that I bought at Bershka. I love rings, I have many of them and I never leave the house without some rings on my fingers. When I saw these rings I was in love, which happens often with rings, and I didn’t resist buying them.
My favorite type is the big ones, with big stones [mainly in black, I love black], the kind that you see pirates using in movies.

What you guys think of the rings?

Nico Tortorella covers ALRIGHT DARLING Magazine



Alright Darling is a magazine created by British photographer Greg Bailey, who’s best known by is work with the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Greg decided to turn his successful and really funny Tumblr page into a printed zine in mid 2015, it is a collection of original photoshoots and interviews with some of the LGBT and Drag/Queer scene’s most recognisable faces and emerging talent.

To be honest I did not know the magazine nor the tumblr, but when I saw the first photograph of Nico Tortorella on Instagram I found it quite interesting.

I do not know the content of the interview, because I did not read it, but what I can say is that the photos are incredible. Styled by Milk in Marc Jacobs clothes, photographed by Adam Reyna.

For those who do not know Nico participates in the TV show, Younger, is a fun series that is worth seeing to unwind. I follow him on Instagram because he is always doing different photoshoots and has a rather interesting style.


Amazing, fantastic work!



I just got my new VANSthat I bought on a portuguese site, I do not know for what countries this site makes orders, but for Portugal it’s very good. Is a site that every day makes promotions in great brands, exceptional discounts on a wide variety of products. The promotions are not in a long time, each promotion of each brand has a limited date for the purchase, after that it is no longer possible to buy the product. For this reason and because the prices are quite flashy it is necessary to have attention or then the products or the sizes finish quickly.

When I saw that the VANS brand was on sale I was very excited because it is my favorite brand of sneakers, I follow the newsletters every day to see if there are any promotions that interest me. Although there were several sneakers that I liked and wanted to buy, besides not being able to buy all, there was also the problem of size, because the prices were so good there were already few sizes.

Although I could not buy my favorites I was satisfied with the ones I chose, and in the end with shipping costs the final price was only 36.30 €, it was a good deal.


Go visit and VANS.

My ‘Sweetter’ Sunglasses


On my trip to Madrid I found a very charming shop, Sweetter, that had several articles of fashion mostly for women, but in the middle of all articles for women there were also sunglasses for men. Needless to say, I was soon delighted. Those who know me know that I love shopping, but sunglasses and rings are the things that I buy the most and I’m more addicted to buying.

But do not think that I am a compulsive buyer or that I spend a lot of money on purchases, it is true that I do a lot of shopping, but I am always looking for the best prices and, as my mother says, I am very tightfisted. Anyway, the sunglasses cost a little more than I am used to spending on sunglasses, but even so they were not expensive [25 €] and are sunglasses with UV protection, most of my sunglasses, although they are madly cool they do not have UV protection.


Go check out their Site, Facebook and Instagram.

What you guys think of the sunglasses?

Zac Efron is a drag in “Baywatch”




To be honest this is not a kind of movie that interest me, it’s more of those kind of movies that I end up seeing when I have nothing else to watch. But after seeing these gifs I was curious to see the movie, seeing Zac Efron dressed as a woman is quite funny.



Watch the trailer to see what you think:

Boy Toy: The Kiss




To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Queen’s [Madonna] original “Like A Virgin” performance, Madonna’s Stylist, Arianne Phillips, decided to share a couple of Polaroids of Britney and Christina’s performance with Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

Without a doubt that the original performance, by Madonna, remains one of the most iconic pop culture moments ever. But the 2003 performance is equally iconic and will stay forever in the history of pop culture. For me, besides the kiss, Britney & Madonna [sorry Christina] the most epic moment is the look on Justin’s face after Madonna kissed Britney, priceless!




Britney Breaks a Spotify Record


The Legendary Miss Britney Spears breaks another record, she is the Female Artist to have more studio Albums with over 100 Million plays on Spotify, 8 Abums to be exact.

In all, Britney’s CDs have more than 1.2 billion plays. Data actualized on 24/03/2017.


After 25 years in the business GODNEY proves that the Brintey Army still loves her and her music.

My Dream Hair-Color



I found this hair color on Instagram and I’m completly in love. The Hairstylist is Alireza Mousavi, you can visit his Instagram to see his amazing hairstyles to men and women.

If there was a hairdresser in my town who could do that, I would do it, I was completely hypnotized. I already had dyed my hair in blue, turquoise and green, but not like this, not this good or so creative.

I was thinking of dyeing my hair silver/grey, but after seeing this I’m having second thoughts. Any thoughts?